About Mooch


Take the green of Java, a touch of China, the sun of Surinam and a hint of Dutch business instinct and you have Dani. A catchy blend of dreams and action. Think small, dream big!


After many years of Bag designing, I am walking around and I am trying some different paths. My passion for bags has to be shared now with a different lifestyle. The more mindfull lifestyle.


Already a few years in a row, I have been spending most of my winters in Bali. Surfing, designing, relaxing and practising yoga. And when I am in Holland in summer time I am working as a marketing freelancer and I have opened up my own Yoga school!

Zenang Yoga & More. Together with my dear Bali friend Pritha (who moved to Holland!), I have opened up a Yoga school in Zoetermeer, Holland. Thats why I am mixing up my site with Zenang Yoga items!


Interested in following one of my or Priths classes? Send me an email!


We are living the life we love. Designing new bags, surfing Bali waves, practicing Yoga and coming up with new ideas every minute. My imagination runs wild everyday.


I hope you do the same. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it!


Create. Dream. Discover.